Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bamboo Satori - A Must See in Oklahoma!

Satori is a Japanese Buddist term for awakening, comprehension or understanding.  It is commonly translated as enlightenment.  This is not something I would have know without doing a little research!  After visiting the Bamboo Satori in Guthrie, I can definitely say that this Oklahoma Bamboo garden definitely provided me with a new understanding as well as an appreciation for this amazing plant.  Over 35 varieties of Bamboo are present in the garden each very different in color, foliage and growth patterns.  The owner of the garden said that during the growing season this plant grows very rapidly.  Bamboo can grow up to 50 feet in one season and sometimes, if it is really quiet at night, you can actually hear it grow - it makes a moaning sound.  Awesome!  The Bamboo Satori, appropriately named, is a "must see"!   

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