Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Can Now Mark It Off My Bucket List!

January 5,2013 is a red-letter day for me! I saw the bald eagles!  For several years I have wanted to go on one of the Eagle watching trips at an Oklahoma lake and have just not made it happen.  A couple of years ago when my Grandma and I were gathering persimmons at a park near Lake Tenkiller for our annual Thanksgiving "reading of the seeds" as we call it (this is where we open persimmon seeds to see if the core is a tiny spoon, knife or fork as a weather predictor) a majestic bald eagle flew right in front of our car windshield.  It actually happened so quickly that we both saw it but we really didn't see it - if you know what I mean.  By the time we gasp and tried to locate it again it was gone.  Today, my best friend met me at Quartz Mountain Lodge near Lonewolf, OK and we spent the morning with one of the park naturalists.  We were able to spot several eagles both juvenile and mature birds.  It was very beautiful and just another reminder to me of how amazing God is. 

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