Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Mother Road Rolls On. . . .

I LOVE Rt. 66!  Having owned a small business that sat right off of it for several years I have been blessed to be able to learn some of it's history and meet lots of people who are traveling it.  For the 75th anniversary of the Mother Road two of my friends and I walked 20 miles on it in one day!  I love to see the classic cars that are driven on it while people reminiscence and it's sometimes sad to pass the remains of businesses that faded away when I-40 became the more frequently traveled road.  We have a lot of Rt. 66 still in Oklahoma and if you have time you should map out a day and try to follow it for a while!  I know that anytime I'm driving and I get to be on Rt. 66 I LOVE it! 

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