Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Minnows and Goldfish

I've always had a secret dream to one day own a bait and tackle shop.  Maybe it was because when I was a kid my Grandma lived on a Lake here in Oklahoma and I always loved it when my Dad would take us to buy bait.  I was always fascinated to see the oddities of tanks that the bait was housed in, the hoses strung out to keep fresh water coming, the old refrigerators and all the unusual things that was sold as bait.  You know things like gizzards, crawdads, worms, crickets, stink bait and of coarse crappie jigs.  One day, one of the old gas stations where we bought bait lost part of it's deli sign out front and all that was left was the word, "HOT".  Right underneath it was a smaller sign that said, "Crappie Jigs".  While we were standing there a lady came in and asked the attendant how much their "Hot Crappie Jigs" were.  I thought my Dad and I were gonna crack up!  Yep, if I owned a bait shop I think I would paint old signs just like this one and laugh at seeing what type of fisherman used minnows and what type used goldfish! 

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