Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pondering the Pumps

Pondering the Pumps . . . When these pumps were set outside of the, now abandoned, W.S. Kelly gas station and general store in Cogar, no one would have ever thought that in 1988, they would be featured in a scene in the the movie, "Rain Man" and words like unleaded, ethanol and high octane gasoline were not common place. Gas was only distinguished by its color. Red gasoline was used in automobiles and green gasoline (on which you didn't have to pay taxes) was used for agricultural and industrial use. In Oklahoma, in about 1958, gas prices had reached the unheard of price of .35 cents per gallon. Today, the Oklahoma average is $3.48 per gallon. Since 2008, the big red APCO Petroleum Products sign has come down from in front of this station but the pumps are still standing and they still reflect the prices from an earlier and less complicated day. Sometimes, I stop for a second just to look at them and ponder as I drive away.

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